Bill Gates Steps Down As Chairman To Focus On New Microsoft Products


There is a thing in mathematics, called corollary. Dictionaries define this as consequence, result, effect, outcome, upshot, even repercussion. So in many way, there is actually a corollary of Satya Nadella taking charge as new Microsoft CEO.

Following the official announcement of the crowning, Redmond also announced an important piece of news today. As was previously rumored, Bill Gates will now step down as chairman.

He will remain within the company (unlike Steve Ballmer), and work with Nadella on new products that the technology titan creates. In fact, the press statement makes it very clear that Gates wants to devote more time to the company he created.

Microsoft’s statement reads:

“Microsoft also announced that Bill Gates, previously Chairman of the Board of Directors, will assume a new role on the Board as Founder and Technology Advisor, and will devote more time to the company, supporting Nadella in shaping technology and product direction.

John Thompson, lead independent director for the Board of Directors, will assume the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors and remain an independent director on the Board.”

Those of you that have been following the CEO search probably already know about John Thompson. He was an independent director leading the special committee Microsoft’s board set up to finalize a new chief executive officer.

Anyway, as long as this means Gates will spare some time from his schedule and make appearances at company events, the news is sure to please a lot of fans.

Plus, since he plans on working on new products at Redmond, his expertise and experience may well come in handy, particularly on the software side of things. Needless to say, the technology world will be looking out for more Bill Gates involvement in everything Microsoft.

A pretty good corollary then, all things considered.

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