Cortana Launch On Android, iOS Pretty Much Confirmed


It has been in the news for a while now, but Julie Larson-Green has finally confirmed it. Cortana is set for a launch on other platforms, including Android and iOS in the near future.

In fact, Microsoft is totally open on bringing the service to as many users as possible.

The digital voice assistant continues to be a Windows Phone exclusive for now, but will soon make the transition to Windows, thanks to integration with Windows 10. But the PC is not the final destination for the service — just another stepping stone.

Julie-Larson Green, the chief experience officer at Redmond hinted that work on this possibility has already begun at the company.

When asked whether there were plans to bring the Cortana personal assistant on some other operating systems beside Windows, this is what she replied:

“The short answer is, yeah.”

Short answer, indeed.

And while the above statement leaves room for interpretation, there have been a number of hints from other sources that Cortana might launch on platforms other than Windows.

Obviously, bringing Cortana to other platforms (iOS and Android) could potentially reduce the consumer appeal of Microsoft’s own products, the more important factor to consider is just how well these users will receive the service.

Siri and Google Now do have a lot of following.

We’ll just have to see.

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