DirectX 11.2 Announced, Exclusive To Windows 8.1 On The PC


Video gaming now increasingly makes up a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to computing. But when it comes to mobile computing there is still a lot of room to grow and innovate in the graphics department.

At the 2013 edition of BUILD, Microsoft revealed the 11.2 version of DirectX which will exclusively be available on Windows 8.1 and next generation consoles.

While DirectX 11.2 is said to include a few important enhancements, the biggest new feature is Tile Resources. This new technology basically allows the video card to use system RAM to improve texture detail when gaming.

According to Microsoft this will let developers make games with unprecedented amounts of detail. All this is better seen than read, so here’s a video of the presentation:

Looks mighty impressive, it must be said.

While the graphics technology may seem like a visual upgrade, it actually brings a number of features that are said to improve performance in games as well as graphical apps. In other words, expect increased visual fidelity in devices that support DirectX 11.2.

Speaking of which, the technology is coming to Xbox One and other next generation consoles, the Windows 8.1 exclusivity, on the other hand, seems like a plan to push users towards the platform.

Gamers are already gravitating towards Windows 8, as can be seen from the monthly Steam hardware surveys. And bigger DirectX 11.2 adoption from developers could finally see Windows 7 users making the jump to Microsoft’s newest operating system.

You can find out more about DirectX 11.2 including a full breakdown at Microsoft’s website.

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