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Download Windows 8 Release Candidate

Welcome to our Windows 8 Release Preview Download page.

On this page, you will be able to download the Windows 8 Release Candidate or Windows 8 Release Preview when it becomes available.

The Windows 8 Release Preview can be found here

You can be sure that Windows 8 Update will have the link available right here.

If you are looking to download Windows 8 Developer Preview, go here instead.

If you are looking to download Windows 8 Beta, go here instead.

What is the Windows 8 Release Candidate?

Well Wikipedia defines it like this:

The term release candidate (RC) refers to a version with potential to be a final product, which is ready to release unless fatal bugs emerge. In this stage of product stabilization, all product features have been designed, coded and tested through one or more beta cycles with no known showstopper-class bug.

A release is called code complete when the development team agrees that no entirely new source code will be added to this release. There may still be source code changes to fix defects. There may still be changes to documentation and data files, and to the code for test cases or utilities. New code may be added in a future release.

Windows 7 had a Release Candidate as well and it’s pretty certain based on the success of that release that Windows 8 will have that as well.

Stay tuned to this page to download the Windows 8 Release Candidate.


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