HP Says Goodbye To Windows, Starts Development Of A Linux Based OS


Backstab? It was coming all along! As far as PC hardware, HP has been at the very top of the mountain for decades now. In fact, the company was one of Microsoft’s biggest partners since Windows became the dominant operating system.

But recently there had been enough hints that the hardware maker was moving away from Redmond. HP CEO Meg Whitman even called Microsoft a direct competitor, late last year.

And now at her annual customer conference this week, Whitman confirmed that HP was working on a brand new device called “The Machine”, and not only would this new device bring around some new technologies like a new type of memory, but will also be powered by a brand new operating system.

A brand new operating system!

No, we are not talking about Windows 9 here — HP is now building a completely new OS, based entirely on Linux. And it is to be installed on the majority of devices that the company sells in the future.

It is becoming clear that HP is moving away from the Wintel ecosystem. This is what Whitman had to say about partnerships with Microsoft and Intel:

“Our partnership, the three companies, it was the defining partnership of the last industry of the last 30 years, but sometimes 30-year marriages, they need a little rejuvenation. HP’s traditional highly profitable markets face significant disruption.”

Significant disruption, alright.

Sure, it still remains to be seen whether the new operating system that HP is creating has what it takes to put up a concrete challenge to Windows, but I guess we will find out soon enough.

In the meantime, keep the comments flowing.

What do you guys and girls think about this noteworthy move?

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