Microsoft Donates $4 Million To World Vision Australia


Microsoft and charity are two words you might have read countless times in the same sentence. The software giant is renowned for its support for charities and social causes across the globe.

And the company has continued these efforts with a new donation.

This time around, the software titan has donated $4 million worth of software to help reduce poverty. These new applications should provide World Vision Australia with administrative costs, as well as funding campaigns for emergency relief and community development projects.

And yes, Office 2013 is in the list of software that is donated.

Office Professional Plus 2013, SharePoint, Lync and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online are applications and solutions that are set to bring benefits in terms of collaboration and communication to World Vision Australia.

In the words of CEO Time Costello:

“This partnership and the technology it brings will transform the way our staff work and collaborate, advancing World Vision’s customer relationship management system so we can better target the information our Australian supporters receive.”

This isn’t the first time Redmond has donated to Australia charities, and according to official statistics, technology companies have now given away $120 million worth of products to help these organizations.

Last year alone, Microsoft employees gave away a record total of $113 million to 19,123 nonprofit and charitable organizations across the globe.

Keep the good news rolling in!

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