Watch Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Preview Video


Only a few weeks remain before the public preview build of Windows 8.1 is unveiled at the BUILD developer conference later this month.

Microsoft had promised plenty of details on the upcoming refresh of its operating system leading up to the event, and we had our first official dosage of information last week. Now the software titan has just rolled out the first clip that presents Windows 8.1 in all its shiny glory.

Jensen Harris from the Windows team introduces several of the key features of the next version of Windows — everything from the reworked Start Screen and enhanced search are touched upon in the video. But before we get any further, take a look at it yourself:

As we have learned from the various screenshots and leaked builds that have made their way to the web over the past couple of months, the search options now display web links, images, files stored on SkyDrive, along with local documents in one single place.

Additionally, Microsoft has further improved multi-tasking in the upcoming version of Windows, and users can now run as many as four apps side by side. A larger device is obviously a necessity to make the most of such an option, but it is nevertheless good to see it being made available.

And finally, the Lock Screen now offers a slideshow option that can display photos (stored either locally on the device or in the cloud). This means that any Windows tablet can now become a fully featured photo frame.

Now that you’ve had a chance to see some of the new features coming in Windows 8.1 what say you?

Are you impressed?

Use the comments and let us know…

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