Windows 8.1 App Watch: Bing Wikipedia Browser


There are killer apps, and then there are insanely useful ones. Guess which category this one falls into. Not exactly an application that everyone might needs, but those that do will totally appreciate it.

Microsoft might have stopped labeling Bing with its official apps on the Windows Phone platform, but Bing Wikipedia Browser comes with this moniker — and it comes to the store in style. This popular universal app is highly rated and highly useful.

It provides users with access to all Wikipedia articles in a completely optimized interface. You can search or browse the online encyclopedia with ease, flipping through photos and pictures, and all that fun stuff.

Here are the two lines that make up the official description:

“Bing Wikipedia Browser by Microsoft combines the content from Wikipedia — the free encyclopedia — with enhanced search, browse, and content recommendations based on the Bing Knowledge repository.”

The greatest strength of this free app is its simplicity. The touch optimized interface makes browsing the site a joy, and Microsoft have also added in several features that will appear to users of its modern operating platform, from custom menus to high resolution image viewers and social sharing.

The recommendation bar can be quickly swiped up that provides access to related topics. All these little helpful touches make for a neat experience. All versions of Windows are invited, ARM and otherwise.

Click here to check out Bing Wikipedia Browser on the Windows Store.

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