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They don’t make as many 2D platform games as they used to back in the days. And in pixel art style? Forget about it. Luckily, Dream Arcade is here to fix this little commotion.

This side-scrolling platform game checks both the abovementioned boxes.

Better yet, unlike most of the modern games in this genre, this one is mostly about jumping from platform to platform. Which brings a whole different set of (welcome) challenges. In this sense, it’s a one of a kind game, and very well made one, at that.

A selection from the richly written official description:

“Dream Arcade takes players on a journey through time- hunting for clues, traversing through landscapes, and discovering new places and environments. The levels include lost islands of the sky, underground tunnels, abandoned houses, ghost-filled campsites and more.

Players will have a chance to fight off enemies, complete jumping puzzles, find secret pathways, and collect treasures, all while immersed in the artist’s vision and original artwork.”

As you can see, this is an amazing crafted indie game, and the $4.99 price tag is rightly justified. The visuals, art style and overall presentation is top shelf, while the gameplay, fun and engaging.

Some 27 different artists and designers collaborated to create this delight, which also offers a deeply interesting story to go with the gorgeous visuals. In terms of controls, Dream Arcade supports keyboard and gamepad along with touch based input.

Currently available for just $0.99 as part of a promotion, you can also give it a try via the free trial option if you want an attractive option to play. Works on all modern versions of Windows, x86, x64 and ARM, though universal binaries are not part of the package right now.

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