Windows 8.1 will have more built in user guides – help and Tips


One of the big knocks against Windows 8 was the fact that it didn’t really have any comprehensive guides showing how the Operating System was meant to be used.

With Windows 8.1, it seems like Microsoft is trying really hard to rectify the situation.

There seems to be a tile called “Help & Tips” on the home page.


When clicked it takes you to a section which shows the user several different FAQ sections.

  • Start and Apps
  • Get Around
  • Basic actions
  • Your Account and Files
  • Settings and
  • What’s new


On the What’s new section, it highlights the major changes that this Operating System is bringing.



Hoping to see more details about Windows 8.1 documentation in a few days/weeks when all of this has been declassified and Windows 8.1 is available to the public.

Stay tuned for more.

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What do you think about the new documentation?

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