Windows Phone 8 GDR2 Update For HTC 8X Cancelled


Boy, the Windows Phone situation is fast becoming, shall we say, a bit foggy. Even though Microsoft has made no secret of its commitment to Windows Phone partners, the companies have been rather quiet on the Nokia acquisition.

It is probably the fact that all three remaining partners (HTC, Samsung and Huawei) have Android and other interests as well, but so far it is unclear whether the Nokia acquisition by Microsoft will affect the future plans of these companies.

Vodafone customers, however, have one thing clear — those who own the HTC 8X will not be getting the anticipated (and awaited) Windows Phone 8 GDR2 update anymore.

As WMPowerUser reveals, the Australian carrier has recently issued an official announcement on its website, which makes it clear that:

“HTC have advised they won’t be releasing this update. Any future updates will be announced as we hear of them.”

Now whether this change of heart from HTC has anything to do with Nokia’s acquisition by Microsoft or due to technical reasons is not currently known. But this is an important update to the platform, which users will ultimately miss out on, it seems.

In fact, this cancelled update was actually approved by the carrier in late July, and Vodafone Australia was said to be waiting for the rollout to begin. As things stand, it will not happen anymore.

We may yet find out the story behind the curtains, but for now the consumers are the ones that are on the losing side. And it will be interesting to see where things stand for Windows Phone 8 GDR3 update that is on track to go live in just a month or so.

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