With 90 Days Left, Microsoft Launches New Windows XP Countdown Timer


It is time for a change. The popular Windows XP is about to get its support discontinued on April 8, 2014, meaning some three odd months remain before Microsoft pulls the plug on the old OS.

This also means that users and organizations have three odd months to choose their next operating platform destination — be it a new version of Windows, or Linux or Mac OS X. No prizes for guessing which option Microsoft wants users to choose, right?

In order to ensure everyone knows about the fact that Windows XP support is coming to an end, Redmond has just launched a new countdown timer.

The motto is ‘Time for change’, and the timer does a good job reminding how much time is left. Microsoft explains the scenario in these words:

“With end of support for Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2003, and Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 rapidly approaching, your customers may be at risk for malicious software and compliance issues.”

The company has also revealed that around 8 million users that are still on Windows XP still need to modernize their businesses or organizations, and stresses them to make the move to Windows 8.1 along with Office 365 and Exchange Online before the retirement date of April 8.

In terms of statistics, Windows XP still powers around 24 percent of computes the world over.

Anyway, some handy links are also available at the bottom, on what looks like a newsletter of sorts that will be fired off to all associated businesses in the coming days.

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